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MWGA State Seniors Amateur 2015 Reunion Golf Club Sep 14-15, 2015

Senior  Medalist (50+)                                          Pam Posey   Score 72
Super Senior Medalist (60+)                                  Lou Hart     Score 74
Grand Senior Medalist (70+)                        Clara Wimberly   Score 99
Super Grand Senior Medalist (80+)             Jean Dickerson   Score 92
Optional Division Medalist                       Jacquelyn Walters   Score 82

Team Trophy
Club Northwood CC     Score 146
     Pam Posey     Score 72
     Lou Hart         Score 74

Low Putts
     Lynn Harmount     Score 27

Hole in One

     Kathy Cooley   Hole 15-Practice round

Championship Flight  
Champion   Pam Posey                      
2nd   Sheila Haynes                           
3rd    Lou Hart                                      

1st Flight
1st    Stevie Gaddis                               
2nd   Lisa Horsley                                 
3rd   Betty Lou Sutherland                  

2nd Flight
1st    Marsha Stewart                          
2nd   Elaine Griffin                                
3rd   Donna West                                

3rd Flight
1st    Marlene Prichard                       
2nd   Kathy Perito                               
3rd   Becky May                                    

4th Flight
1st    Kathy Cooley                              
2nd   Terri Soloman                            
3rd   Kathy Accardi                             

5th Flight
1st    Darlene Santelli                       
2nd   Janette Berg                            
3rd   Julie Landry                             

Optional Division
1st Flight

Champion   Jacqeulyn Walters    
2nd   Ann Villeret    
3rd   Charlene Hughes    

2nd Flight
1st    Rachel Pate    
2nd   Mary Ida Graham    
3rd   Nancy Hanby    

3rd Flight
1st    Connie Kegerreis    
2nd   Ronnie Googe    
3rd   Tammy McKinney    

2015 Senior State Amateur

Reunion Golf & Country Club, Madison, MS

Mississippi Women's Golf Association