2015 Team

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The 2015 Mississippi Senior Tri-State Team

Tracie Tolbert, Betty Lou Sutherland, Marsha Stewart, Sheila Haynes, Elaine Griffin, Elsa Foley, Sissy Kern, Pam Posey, Mary Beth Bolen, Lou Hart, Charlene Hughes, Teresa Dottley.  

The 2015 Competition was held at Hot Springs Village on the Ponce de Leon Course.  Arkansas dominated this year, but Mississippi fought hard!  A good time was had by all!!

Mississippi Women's Golf Association

Senior Tri-State Team
     The Senior Tri-State is a two day match play competition between Mississippi,
Louisiana, and Arkansas, all teams consisting of twelve women 50 and over, and each
team must have at least two players with a 10 or greater handicap.
     The Mississippi Senior Tri-State Team Captain will be either picked by the current
President, or the President may appoint herself as Captain.  The Captain can also serve as a
player or an alternate if needed.
     The Mississippi team will consist of the top 6 qualifiers (from the regular division) of the
Senior State Amateur (2 day total score), the two players that have a 10 or higher Handicap
with the lowest 2-day score (also from regular division), and 4 Captain’s picks.  This applies
to the Senior Am the year prior to the Tri-State event, because the Tri-State is in August, and
the Senior Am is in September.  All Handicaps will be verified through GHIN, using the
most recent Handicap available at the time of the Senior State Amateur.
     If any of the top 6 qualifiers are not able to play, the next lowest qualifier will be eligible,
until the 6 players are picked.   The same applies to the 2 qualifiers with a 10 or greater
      All expenses for the Mississippi Tri-State Team are the responsibility of each individual
player.  Team Mississippi golf bags will be provided for each player for the event, and are to
be returned to the State at the end of the event.