Mississippi Women's Golf Association

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2015 State Amateur

The Oaks Golf Course, Pass Christian, MS


Championship              Cissye Gallagher def. Emily Ross
CH Consolation             Pam Posey def. Blair Stockett

First Flight                      Elsa Foley def. Jane Massie
First Consolation          Sydney Cato def. Tracie Tolbert

Second Flight                Lisa Horsley def. Heidi Hill
Second Consolation     Pat Ellis def. Becky May

Third Flight                    Wanda Hutto def. Jewell Bain
Third Consolation         Debbie Vogel def.Kathy Accardi

Fourth Flight     Marsha Stewart def. Marilynne Burnside
Forth Consolation         Dana Tidmore def. Deneice King

Fifth Flight                     Nell Bradford def. Lind Bussey
Fifth Consolation   Karen Deavenport  def. Becky Stritzel

Sixth Flight                 Angie Durham def. Kathy Bannister
Sixth Consolation         Lynn Harmount def. Betty Bowen

Seventh Flight                Ann Villeret def. Maggie Clark
Seventh Cons.           Alene Russell def. Rande Brouillette

Medalist (Any Age)    Score 75                    Kathleen Gallagher   
                                                                       Presley Baggett  
                                                                       Mackenzie Kelly  
 Junior  Medalist  (12-18)                        Presley Baggett   Score 75
 Senior Medalist  (50+)                                     Elsa Foley   Score 79
Super Senior Medalist (60-69)                 Sheila Haynes   Score 82
Grand Senior Medalist (70+)                             Pat Ray     Score 90
Regular Division Medalist                                Elsa Foley   Score 79

Team Trophy
Club Deerfield Golf Club                      Score 328
     Presley Baggett    
     Elsa Foley     
     Sheila Haynes     
     Tracie Tolbert    

     Angie Durham

Senior Team Trophy
Club Deerfield Golf Club                     Score 161
     Elsa Foley    
     Sheila Haynes    
Low Putts
     Karley Whittington                         Score 27