Mississippi Women's Golf Association

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MWGA Tournament General Information


To compete in any MWGA championship, a participant must be an amateur golfer:

  1. Who is female at birth.
  2. Who has physically resided in the State of Mississippi for at least 6 months preceding the opening date of the Championship.
  3. Who is twelve (12) years old or older by the day the Championship begins.
  4. Who, if registered to vote, is only registered in Mississippi.
  5. Who is  a member of a member club or an member individual in good standing with the MWGA.
  6. A Mississippi resident attending an out-of-state school is exempt from the six (6) month residency requirement.
  • Note: Doubt as to whether a would-be competitor qualifies as a bona fide resident shall be resolved by the MWGA Board.

Refund Policy:

If an entrant is not accepted into a championship because her handicap is too high, she will receive a full refund.  If an entrant withdraws before the tournament entry deadline, she will receive a refund of 50%  (half).  If the entrant withdraws after the deadline, she will receive no refund. Exceptions for extenuating circumstances require Board approval.

Dress Code:

The MWGA dress prohibits: short shorts, tube tops, tank tops, halter tops, bathing suits, cutoffs, tee shirts and bare feet. The MWGA asks that all participants abide by the Host Clubs' dress code as well. 


Contestants who compete in any/all MWGA Championships do so at their own risk. The Board, the Association, and the Host Club will be relieved individually and collectively of all responsibility for any damage or personal injury incurred during such Championships.

Application for entry must be made on an official entry blank.

Entrants will be notified via website and email of their entry status as soon as possible after the entry deadline.

Sky Caddies, GPS measuring devices, or any distance measuring device may be used during the competition, as long as they do not indicate elevations or wind speeds.